Big Boy Locomotive, Omaha, NE

The installation of the Big Boy 4023 and Centennial 6900 was a long lived dream of Former Union Pacific President John C. Kenefick.   It had been his dream to perch the two largest pieces of Class I railroading together on a hill overlooking Omaha. 

 In 2005 Mr. Kenefick’s dream became a reality.  It was a great honor to help move the locomotives to their final resting place in Lauritzen Gardens.  Once in the Garden, Wasatch had the task of cosmetically restoring and fixing both locomotives.  The 6900 had already been painted but it needed some final features to ensure its longevity on the hill.  Big Boy 4023 needed a full cosmetic restoration.  This project included the creation of many appliances and “false” pieces to appear that they locomotives was 100% intact.   These items included a new false whistle, new lubricators and safety valves and other appliances.   The boiler was stabilized so it could “breathe” to help preserve it.  

Wasatch also built a fully compliant mobile paint booth, which we still use today.  This project was inspected a number of times by the EPA with no exceptions taken.  We are very proud of the fact that we completed the project in such a remote location, but even more proud of the fact that we did it with no damage to the environment.  Today, Millions of people a year drive by the locomotive as they travel I-80 from Council Bluffs, IA to Omaha, NB.   It truly is a sight to behold!


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