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Wasatch Railroad Contractors is the restoration arm of the Wasatch Railroad family of businesses. Wasatch Railroad Contractors was started in June of 1999.  From its inception WRC has been involved in some of the greatest restoration projects on earth.  Our restoration services start in full scale railroading and merge into historic steam and passenger operations which also include amusement parks and private operations.  From consulting to training and from relocation, restoration to full operation, WRC is a one stop shop for all of your restoration and rehabilitation needs. 


Wasatch Railroad Contractors offers a wide variety of inspection and evaluation services.  we can inspect and evaluate amusement park trains, tourist railroads, museums, short lines and other rail-oriented attractions. 

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Cosmetic Restoration

There are many projects in the industry that simply will never operate again.  This does not mean that they can not look good! WRC master technicians can make your project look brand new, or even make it appear to be “in service”

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Operational Restoration

WRC has the ability to manage and complete an entire equipment restoration project. Operational restorations are completed to all applicable codes and regulations for railroad service.

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WRC is one of only a small handful of facilities utilizing a paint booth on location to paint static locomotives using the highest quality enamel alkyd paints. The end result is high quality, long lasting paint job!

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For new construction and major repairs, Wasatch Railroad Contractors is prepared to provide you with complete design and engineering solutions for your railroad equipment. Our skilled staff utilizes state-of-the-art design software to complete our projects.

Equipment Relocation Logistics

WRC is very experienced at coordinating railroad equipment relocation. Oftentimes, this involves railroad equipment that cannot be relocated by rail, or which requires special planning and logistics.

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Steam Locomotives

Our staff is experienced in inspecting, repairing, and maintaining steam locomotive boilers and steam locomotive mechanical systems.

  • Steam Locomotive Boiler Repairs
  • Running and Valve Gear
  • Steam Locomotive Appliances
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Mobile Services

WRC has been traveling the US and parts of the world over the past 15 years providing railroad repair, replacement, and refurbishment services. We specialize in areas such as painting, cleaning, and on-site inspection and repair.

Amusement Park Services

Often we are asked how Wasatch Railroad Contractors started.  Well, it all started here, in the amusement park industry.  John E. Rimmasch, Chairman of the Board and current CEO of WRC started his railroad career working as an engineer at Lagoon, in Farmington, Utah in 1991.

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