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As one of only a small handful of restoration organizations that carries the ASME S stamp (for construction of new boilers) and the NBIC R stamp (for the repair of boilers in general) WRC is able to handle all of your boiler needs.  We are very proud of the many boilers we have built to serve the historic rail industry.  It is true that boilers will wear out.  It is also true that in some cases (becoming more and more the case) that building a new boiler is far more cost advantageous than repairing an old boiler.    

Amusement Park Services

WRC provides a wide range of services to the amusement park industry.  Our services include:

  • Locomotive repairs and evaluation
  • Building of new locomotives and cars
  • Evaluation of running equipment
  • Track evaluation and inspections
  • Installation of track
  • Training programs and operator evaluation
  • New operation consulting.

We are happy to work on amusement park trains ranging in size from 7 1/2 inch gauge all the way to 36 inch gauge and even standard gauge amusement rides and operations. 

WRC Amusement Park Services Brochure

Download the PDF Version of the Cagney Brochure.


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Here are some pictures of boilers we have built in the past.  Some of these boilers are full scale boilers, a few narrow gauge and a few smaller scale as well.  WRC is capable of building any boiler, to any size.  If you have plans or not, please contact us to discuss your new boiler or boiler repair needs.  

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