June 14, 2019

Wasatch Railroad Contractors Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Founded in 1999, Wasatch Railroad Contractors (WRC) continues to proudly serve the historic railroad industry.

Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4023 was cosmetically restored by Wasatch Railroad Contractors, one of the first major projects completed by the company in 2005.

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Cheyenne, Wyoming – Wasatch Railroad Contractors’ Chairman of the Board and CEO, John E. Rimmasch, issued the following statement, noting the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding:

“Twenty years! It is so hard to believe,” said Rimmasch. “You watch other companies celebrate the same milestone and wonder if you will ever make it, but here we are! From our humble beginnings serving the amusement park industry, we are honored to have been able to work on prominent restoration projects around the world on behalf of wonderful organizations. We look forward to the next twenty years and hope to continue to grow.”

WRC offers a wide variety of restoration and logistics services in full sclae and miniature scale railroading. The company has been involved with several prominent restoration projects including:  

  • Southern Railway Pullman No. 1200: A segregation-era railcar featured in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.;
  • Union Pacific Big Boys No. 4023 and 4004: Cosmetic restorations displayed in Kenefick Park, Omaha, Nebraska and Holliday Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming, respectively;
  • Central Pacific Jupiter and Union Pacific Railroad No. 119: Inspection work and boiler repairs conducted onsite at the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah.

WRC was founded on June 1, 1999 in Heber City, Utah. It has been based in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 2005. In 2015, the company launched a railcar repair division, Wasatch Railcar Repair, and acquired Shoshoni-based Dimec Rail Services. The Shoshoni facility interchanges with the BNSF Railway via the Bighorn Divide & Wyoming Railroad.

Wasatch Railroad Contractors is a leading historic railroad restoration and repair company located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our team has worked with communities, National Parks, and government institutions to bring our share railroad history to life. WRC is an expert in cosmetic and operational restorations, inspections and evaluations, and maintains a burgeoning equipment relocation logistics business segment.